“Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” – Of course I understand the basic philosophy of this phrase. However, as a child I always wondered “What if I did not like the way people wanted to be treated. Then what?”
I remember asking my teacher “Wouldn’t we want to treat people as they would like to be treated instead?”
The reply was dismissive. Did not stop me thinking though.
Beyond the universal rules of respect, integrity, honesty etc. we actually need to stop and ask ourselves how each person is uniquely different.
When its time to shop for others we don’t buy clothing to fit our own size. Why then in everyday life we act like everybody else is our own shadow on earth?
You may love to be publically praised. Don’t do it to your shy employee who cringes even at the thought of it.
You may generate your best ideas while talking them out loud. Don’t expect the same from somebody who needs to silently process the data first.
In coaching, I always go back to this. Coaching people in the way that they would respond the best. Not the way that I think is comfortable.
Not everybody is emotionally expressive, not everyone will keep a journal, not everyone will share personal stories, not everyone is analytical, not everyone is talkative… That’s all OK!
Don’t judge.. just serve…keep the eye on the person and what they need. The rest is the most fascinating puzzle to unfold.