Executive Coaching

  • For the leader who’s ready to scale up, take on critical challenges, and wants to navigate ambiguity and inspire others to do their best work!
  • Areas of focus: Maximum influence, defining leadership presence, creating positive interpersonal relations, improving communication style, systems thinking & strategy


High Energy Leadership Coaching

  • For leaders, and influencers who strive to attain productivity, innovation and engagement through building high levels of personal and collective energy.
  • Areas of focus: Consciously decide the way you show up, react, and are perceived. Inspire others to focus on solutions, opportunities and moving forward. The Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I.)


Know Thyself – A Shakespearean approach to Self-Aware Leadership

  • For the leader who wants to take a deep dive into understanding the Self in order to lead with authenticity as their focus.
  • Areas of focus: Using awareness as core leadership element, finding power outside of  authority and force. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, blocks, attitude and learn how to work with them.






High-Potential Team Coaching

  • For teams of high-potential individuals who are chartered with a critical project to stretch their abilities.
  • Deliverables: Smooth execution of challenge, insure conscious learning throughout process, hold team to organization’s criteria, and regroup with team along the way; expert third-party feedback.


Core Strengths – Results through Relationships – Total SDI solutions

  • For teams and organizations in need of specific assessments to maximize their teams’ effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. Areas of focus include a holistic approach covering: strengths, motives, conflict triggers and overdone strengths.


  • Work with behaviors, motives, overdone strengths and conflict triggers to develop and build high functioning teams
  • Gain the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, generations and values.
  • Engage your workforce by connecting their motives, values and personal sense of purpose with their work
  • Create a culture that supports new ideas, offer an environment where people can express themselves freely
  • Build healthy solutions to resolve conflict


Leadership off-sites

  • Perfect for the team who needs time, space and guidance for a team huddle surrounding a specific topic to help them become a more fully-functioning & high-performing group.
  • Typical content: Mission, vision, strategy, pivot, launch