Perception & The Choice We Make

Perception & The Choice We Make

Perception & The Choice We Make
Posted on August 6, 2019

On a train from Monte Carlo to Genova, I was looking at the houses near the train tracks and wondered about how residents in these areas are able to sleep and work so close to the roaring sound. As I was concluding that it would be uncomfortable, I saw a young girl looking out from a window overlooking the trains. As my train was tooting and chugging by her house, she was holding the brightest of smiles and waving enthusiastically as it passed by. I was so startled to notice once again that it is all about the perception and the choice we make. Where I assumed annoyance, she experienced joy.

This immediately reminded me of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI)TM Assessment. It is an assessment that takes a snapshot of your general attitude as well as your attitude under stress. You can understand how you react when you are triggered and find out what is available for you to tap into for more power. I was sure this smiling girl by the train tracks had quite a high level of general energetic perception going for herself.

This is such a critical part of leadership, but we seldom pay attention to it. Most of the time, how a leader shows up makes all the difference.

How many authority figures can you recall whose mere presence drains energy from others? Or people who are just on edge due to the feeling of fear?

What about the opposite? A leader that lights up the room? People are naturally inspired and want to go where they go because they are visionary?

How about your attitude? How do you show up? What is your go-to reaction under stress? How can you be more resourceful?

I encourage you to learn more about Energy Leadership and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment by iPEC. I have been working with their tools since 2013 and have experienced several fundamental shifts. It is possible to purposefully shift to an energy level that helps us keep our power. 

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