Share Your "Departing"​ Words Now

Share Your "Departing"​ Words Now

Share Your "Departing"​ Words Now
Posted on December 10, 2019

Last week, I shared what inspired me from recent TEDx Seattle event around shifting your mind. This week, I will share one more takeaway from the event that resonated with me.

The theme was SHIFT and speakers shared their inspiring experiences from their varied fields: medical research, art, technology, and philanthropy.

As I was sitting there soaking it all in, my mind was racing with different insights confirming how the ability to "SHIFT" is crucial in the organizational and leadership space too.

Andrea Driessen - event designer, author and hospice volunteer - talked about how eulogies were actually wasted on the dead because they just can't hear the wonderful things we have to say about their impact in our lives. Her wish for us was basically to share all the goodness while we we are alive and kicking. Naturally her words were eloquent, and heartwarming, so let your imagination connect the rest.

She made me think about how organizations rush to "retain" their top talent when they decide to leave. Many times I've heard the departing individual say, “Wow, I had no idea you valued me this much. Why didn't you say so? I wouldn't have looked elsewhere. I felt under-appreciated, so I gave up. Now, it’s too late. My heart is set.”

It is not just top talent who need to hear that their contribution is seen. It is the solid performers, hardworking contributors, and the ones who struggle now but would thrive if they knew you believed in them. What about them? How engaged and motivated would they become if they only knew that they are appreciated.

So, my wish for all of you is to share your "departing" words with your employees now. You may be surprised.

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