Mental Fitness Coaching

Mental Fitness Coaching

Mental Fitness Coaching

In partnership with Positive Intelligence founder and CEO, Shirzad Charmine’s program with us as your designated coach. You will discover what Saboteurs get in your way and how you can develop your Sage brain as a transformative alternative.

Positive Intelligence ™ is a proven, researched, and documented approach with over 500,000 people worldwide, including CEOs and senior leadership, top athletes, etc. Program participants note it as “life-changing,” resulting in improved performance, relationships, and overall well-being.

Register with me to join a six-week Mental Fitness Boot Camp in a 3-5 person pod that enhances your insights, growth, and accountability.

  • Take the PQ Assessment to measure your Mental Fitness
  • Take the saboteur assessment to learn what gets in your way.
  • Book a session with me to review the results and jump-start your mental fitness journey.

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