Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

"Leadership is an improvisational art. You may have an overarching vision, clear orienting values, and even a strategic plan, but what you actually do from moment to moment cannot be scripted." - Martin Linsky.

At Niches Coaching and Consulting, we believe in the transformative power of leadership development. Our interactive, transformative, and inspirational programs provide a unique opportunity for individuals to enhance their leadership skills and make a positive impact.


Polarity ManagementTM - Introducing the power of BOTH/AND thinking instead of EITHER/OR for seemingly opposing values or perspectives that need to work together for sustainable and optimal effectiveness. Participants learn to recognize, leverage, and map polarities.

The class is interactive and applied. Participants work on a real case of an existing polarity.

Immunity to ChangeTM – Participants identify and work on the One Big Thing that would make the biggest difference to their leadership effectiveness. They get insight into the competing strategies that have prevented them from achieving this goal and will leave with a practical experiment to transform.

Effective Conversations – Learn a framework that enables productive conversations that build stronger connections and trust. Find out how to disagree empathetically and stay in relation during a conflict.

All About Saboteurs – Develop insights on Positive IntelligenceTM and take a deeper look into the concept of saboteurs and their adverse effects on work and life.

Self-Mastery – Understanding the root causes of behaviors and learning ways to move from reaction to conscious choice.

Transform Your Leadership Journey

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