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Our Principles- before

Interactive Approach

Experience hands-on learning that goes beyond traditional lectures and presentations. Our programs incorporate engaging workshops, group activities, and practical exercises, enabling participants to actively apply their skills. Prepare for an immersive learning experience that fosters growth.​

Transformative Results

Our programs are designed to bring about real change. We empower individuals to recognize their strengths, overcome challenges, and develop the mindset and behaviors required for effective leadership. Expect significant personal and professional growth, as reported by our satisfied participants.​

Inspirational Environment

We understand that inspiration is a catalyst for action. Our experienced facilitators create an environment that fosters creativity, encourages open dialogue, and fuels motivation. By joining our programs, you'll leave feeling energized, ready to take on new challenges, and inspired to make a positive difference.​

Meet Asli Aker

Meet Asli Aker

Asli is the founder of Niches Consulting & Coaching LLC, a Seattle-based firm specializing in leadership and organizational development.

Asli is a true world citizen who brings her experience living and working in the U.S., Singapore, United Kingdom, Austria, Dubai, and Turkey to her global clientele. She specializes in helping individuals and teams increase their capacity to lead.

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